The picture below was the first Orb picture I took. Up until this time I was not aware of Orbs and so it came as quite a surprise when I saw it. A patient had just died and since the family wanted to do the cremation right away, I did not have time to wrap the body in a shroud… I merely placed a towel over his face as the monks came in for the service. When they began their chant, something inside my head told me to take a picture. I dismissed it at first because I knew the lighting was bad and I didn’t feel it would be appropriate… but the voice insisted and so I reluctantly went into the office to get my camera. The flash of the camera startled the Monks and I felt foolish for having done it. I put the camera down and did not look at the picture until the following day.

A year before, I had witnessed a light coming out of the eyes of Chhang when he died and so I was shocked to see this Orb above the eyes of this patient, especially because I was subconsciously told to take it.

It would not be the last time we saw these Orbs and in fact, they would show up many more times, not only on my digital camera but on others as well. The one below was taken in the Temple after cleaning… easily explained by some as dust on the camera lens.


The one below was taken at night while cleaning out the tray of the crematorium after the death of a little girl… easily explained by some as ashes on my camera lens.

The Orb at the bottom of the picture appears to be looking out at me as I snap a picture from outside the Memorial Room containing the portraits of those who died. Most likely a dirty spot on the window I was told.

Unable to sleep one night I decided to snap a picture outside of my room. I should have cleaned my camera before I took the picture because that speck of dust was supposedly still on my camera lens.

Some say that you never walk alone, and the picture below would suggest that. I was not holding anything in my left hand, however, when this picture was taken… but there does appear to be a lot of dust in the air.

The picture of Chhang once hung in our outdoor dining room. Those are the eyes I saw the light come out from on the day he died. One of the children called out his name just before the picture was taken. The rain had stopped just moments before and apparently, a drop of water got on my camera lens.

While the pictures above could have a logical explanation, the picture below can not be explained by even professional photographers. A moving Orb appears to be traveling very fast above the picture of Chhang on a night when the children are out looking for him with the camera.

Think what you may of these pictures. While they do give me a sense of comfort, I haven’t yet concluded that these Orbs are Spiritual. I do, however, believe that Life is an Eternal Energy that unites all things Living within the Universe.

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  1. These are beautiful pictures. So reassuring to me that shows we do go on. This is such a loving holding space for these souls. Blessing to the founder who’s working so hard to bring peace and meaning to these children’s lives. God Bless.

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