Beheadings are shocking and it is hard to imagine how anyone can be that cruel… yet, from my perspective and personal experience, an almost instant death by beheading may be more humane for the victim, than is the indiscriminate bombings of civilian targets.


Christians are welcome to their opinions… but their Bible says “Judge not that ye be not judged”. Of what do they accuse me of doing that would require my repentance? I will take my chances that the Life I have lived will be sufficient to qualify me for any reward that may await us in eternity. If it is not, then why would I want to spend my eternity with people who had not earned their reward, but were simply given a free pass because they acknowledged someone with leverage?


I have forgotten their names and even their faces have become blurred with the passing of time. It wasn’t intentional, but how else could I live, knowing 11 men died, so I could survive? They say “Life goes on.” and “Time heals all wounds.” For some, that may be true… but for others like me, these words have less meaning… for the Scars, we must carry to our grave.


God is the only thespian in an impromptu performance, and our bodies are the elaborate costumes He uses to disguise His identity… while performing the diverse roles of a myriad of characters in the story of CREATION.


Having completed 78 years of Living in Form, I can tell you that I am still enjoying Life as it is… however, I am also looking forward to shedding this body and experiencing the freedom of flight again. There is so much more I want to know about this Energy we call Life but will have to wait until I earn my death certificate from this Kindergarten course before I can move on to the First Grade.


As the last to survive a sure death situation, I have often wondered if, the Consciousness I regained was the same Consciousness I was in prior to the accident… or had I actually died and recreated a new Consciousness, while those I left behind for dead now mourn for me instead? 


Most Truths are either black or white… but few men can expound on them without adding a bit of color.


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