The years of neglect had taken its toll on the small wooden house… and were it not for the stories of ghosts and demons from a suicide and later the double murder of a mother and her son, that had taken place there in the past, it would have long ago been forgotten. Surrounded by overgrown bushes and shrubs, it was hard to imagine that anyone really had actually lived in the house. Most of the windows had been broken or cracked by young boys who would come close enough to throw rocks but would never dare enter the house. The door, which now hung on only one hinge, had long ago lost its battle against the tumbleweeds now piled high against it and the broken crosses of forgotten graves that lay scattered in a nearby field, were all that remained of a dream.

The dusty trail is barely visible to the driver in the approaching car. He stops just short of the broken-down porch and then leans over to kiss his wife. “Give me a few minutes alone okay?”

Tears are falling as he exits the car and slowly walks down to the field of broken crosses. He falls to his knees and bows his head in silent meditation… and when at last he begins to speak, his voice is soft and reverent.

“I have wanted to come home for such a long time but never felt ready to face you guys. I have been such a fool and God only knows how many times I have wished I could change places with you. I even tried joining you once, when I was in prison, by trying to hang myself from the ceiling of my cell. Everything went black at first and then I remember seeing all of you together in a field full of flowers, and I tried desperately to get to you but I only kept falling further and further from you… into an endless black hole. It was only then that I realized how much I really do love you all and I didn’t want to be separated from you anymore. I saw the Great Eagle in the sky above me and I called out to it to save me and evidently, it heard my call because one of the guards found me and cut me down.”

“So many good things have happened to me since then. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful boys who love me very much and believe it or not I have a great job working as a counselor with street kids. There’s only one thing left that I desperately need, and that is to know your forgiveness.”

“Mom and Dad… I know I never tried to love you guys; I was too busy feeling cheated and blaming both of you for the way I was. I am so sorry for that.”

“And Peter… I know you tried your best to Love me but I was just too stubborn. My pride told me that if I accepted your Love I would owe you something in return, and I was too jealous to give you anything.”

And Jason… all I ever wanted, was to be your older brother, and when the opportunity finally came… I killed you instead.”

“I know I have no right to be here… and it seems so senseless for me to say ‘I Love you all… but I do, I really do. Please… please forgive me?”

“What kind of bird is that?” Jason asked, pointing to the graceful bird floating high above them

“It’s just an old Crow,” Peter answered, “isn’t it Daddy?”

Robert stood to his feet and looked to where his sons were pointing. Tears of Joy rolled down his cheeks, as he felt the forgiveness he had come to ask for. He put his arms around both of them and pulled them in close to him. “No guys, that’s an Eagle… see how it glides on the wind.”


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