Usually when one hears the word ‘Godless’, it is associated with something evil or immoral. It is my hope that I can begin to challenge some of those negative notions, by sharing some of the experiences in my Life, that have brought me to the point I am now at. From a religious zealot to Anti-theist, the road has not been an easy one… yet  having challenged the principles set down by the religious authorities, I have freed myself from their bondage and willingly accept the role of a Heretic, (a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.) 

Comments and questions are always appreciated and I will do my best to respond quickly… (of course quickly for an old man is not like it was when I was younger.)

Nothing from this site may be published or copied without the consent of the author. Failure to obtain consent will result in a heap of bad Karma to atone for, if you use it in a negative manner.

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