To search for Truth beyond Oneself,

Will only cause despair.

No book contains the answers,

No guide can lead you there.

Created in His Image,

Our hearts contain the Key.

Learn to Love Yourself,

And from doubt, you will be freed.

I have had conversations with friends who are still stuck in Christianity. They are afraid of letting go of what they believe is the Key to their Salvation, namely, a belief that Jesus is the Son of God and that the Bible is Infallible.

I asked if they truly believe that every word in the Bible was from God and they admit that they have trouble with some of it, yet… they are still unwilling to say that the Bible is fallible, as if to do so would forfeit his Salvation.

If Jesus were not the Son of God, would that change the meaning of His teachings? If He had not died on the Cross for our Salvation but was instead a Martyr for Truth, would it make His death any less significant?

The Truth I believe in is that God is all of His Creation. He is the Fish in the Sea, the Animals and the Trees, the Birds and the Bees, and yes, even the You’s and the Me’s. When we understand this Truth, we no longer need to worry about losing our Salvation or our Life… for we will understand that our life is Eternal and that Life need not be worshiped, but needs only to be experienced.

There is nothing you can lose,

By seeking the Truth,

Except perhaps your ignorance.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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