I attended a Christian church service a while back… a rare occasion for me, unless I am visiting with foster children (now adults) whom I once took care of in Honduras. Many of them are now very active in Christianity and some are even pastors of their own congregations. 

It was a good experience and a pleasant reminder of times gone by. I miss the fellowship of belonging to a church family and I miss the singing when it is joyous and uplifting. I don’t so much appreciate the Psalter hymns, however, which tend to be more monotonous and demeaning to mankind… just as are most of the sermons I have heard over the years from the pulpit. It was disappointing once again to be told that I am a low-down-filthy being, unworthy of standing in the presence of God, without being sanctified by the blood of Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong. I can accept much of what Jesus taught and, in fact, have tried to live my life by his example. I can also accept the fact that he called himself the Son of God, however, I do not believe that he meant that title only for himself… for in the Gospel of Thomas Saying 3 he teaches us that it is a title we all can share:

“The kingdom is inside of you and outside of you. When you come to know who you are, then you will know that you are the children of the living God.” 

After the service, I went to the basement fellowship room for coffee and cookies, another part of the service I have always enjoyed. I was sitting alone at a table when one of the pastors approached me and introduced himself. He asked me where I was from and did I have a home church. I told him I was living in Holland with my sister but that my home was actually in Cambodia and that I was more interested in Buddhism than Christianity. 

My answer seemed to confuse him and he responded “Well there is a big difference between the two.”

“Not really” I answered, but before I could elaborate he excused himself and walked away. 

This exchange reminded me of my own reaction when I met a Buddhist Nun for the first time in Cambodia. She asked me what my purpose was in coming and my reply was, “To bring the Love of Jesus to the Cambodian people.”

Her response was quick and challenging, leaving me speechless at first. I too wanted to just walk away, believing that she was, as I was taught, an ignorant-heathen-idol-worshipper… but I decided to stay instead and the result is we are now good friends.

One of the Buddha’s teachings is very similar to that of Jesus, “Know thyself and know ten thousand things.” or, in other words, know your Source 

I have come to believe that the Energy of Life (God or Source) that is within us all, requires no worship, it needs only to be LIVED. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of coming together in worship of the god of our making each week, we met instead to celebrate the Godliness that is within us all?


I tried for years to journey back, 
To the blind faith of my youth,
Regretting I had ever questioned, 
The infallibility of the Truth.

Oh how I miss those old revivals,
And the congregation singing songs,
And the comfort that comes from knowing, 
We were right and they were wrong.

But burning bridges are all that’s left,
Of the trail that leads back home,
The Truth still lies somewhere ahead,
But now I walk the trail alone.

For in my loneliness I have found,
That the Truth can not be known,
Until the heart is cleansed of hatred,
And the seeds of Love are sown.

Life is a thread that unites us all,
Of this there is no doubt,
Be it tree or bird, fish or mammal ,
No form can be without.

So let us shout aloud our praises, 
To that which no man can lay claim,
The God we seek is Life Eternal,
To the world let us proclaim.

One thought on “FURTHER ALONG

  1. Because of this: “It was disappointing once again to be told that I am a low-down-filthy being, unworthy of standing in the presence of God, without being sanctified by the blood of Jesus,” I find it much more beneficial to seek out a church where love is the message and where I can find a takeaway or two that can help me through the week to come––perhaps to be a better follower, perhaps to see myself more clearly. They do exist, and as you say, the fellowship can be wonderful, and the singing.

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