Life gets frustrating at times… and when we see others enjoying the amenities of life that we ourselves desire but do not have, we often become envious of them, especially when they display a contemptuous attitude toward us. I question at times the purpose of evil in our world…but then I am reminded, that it is the bad times in my Life that made me strong, and it is the darkness that forced me to seek the Light.



Burned out on life, not having a dime, 

I fell to my knees in prayer.

Lord your work in the Heavens is truly Devine, 

But some things down here don’t seem fair. 


There’s corruption and greed, injustice and crime.

And the world seems always at war, 

Those who do evil never do time, 

And those who have much just get more.


What was your thinking in creating mankind, 

Because some thing’s just don’t seem to fit, 

Those who do good are forced out of line,

By those who are nothing but shit!


Then I felt myself rising to a place quite sublime, 

And I stood in a beautiful garden,

Surrounded by flowering bushes and vines,

My heart began to unharden.


Your questions my son are not out of line, 

Said the Caretaker of the land,

But the beauty you see in this Garden of mine,

Comes from this that I hold in my hands. 


Then slowly he opened his hands and my mind, 

And showed me a dried piece of shit,

Then said as he crumpled it under a vine,

I couldn’t grow flowers without it.

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