Last weekend I attended a morning worship service for the first time in many years, and must say that, although I felt a bit uncomfortable in a Pentecostal Spanish speaking environment… I enjoyed it very much. The enthusiasm of the congregation, as they began their worship with song, and the warmth of their acceptance of me, a stranger to most of them, was a reminder of times gone by when I would lead just such a service. 

My lack of enthusiastic participation, however, did not go unnoticed and concern for my salvation was evident because of it.

I have tried for years to journey back,

To the blind faith of my youth,

Regretting I had ever questioned,

The infallibility of the truth.

Oh how I miss those old revivals,

And the congregations singing songs,

And the comfort that came from knowing ,

That we were right and they were wrong.

But burning bridges are all that’s left,

Of the trail that leads back home,

The Truth still lies somewhere ahead,

But now I walk the trail alone.

For I have realized in my aloneness,

That the Truth can not be known,

Until the heart is cleansed of hatred,

And the seeds of Love are sown.

Life is a thread that unites us all, 

Of this there is no doubt, 

Be it tree or bird, fish or mammal ,

No form can be without.

So let us shout our Praise’s,

To that which no man can lay claim,

The God we seek is Life Eternal,

To the World let us proclaim.

One day mankind shall all Awaken,

And a godless world there’ll be,

The chains of bondage broken,

All mankind at last set free.

And Congregations will all sing again,

Their voices joined in Praise,

And I will stand among them,

My arms to Life I’ll  raise.

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