I have run into many important religious men and women on my Journey through Life who, by the world’s standards, were way ahead of me intellectually and who, because of the pedestals society has put them on, stood head and shoulders above me… but like most of us, none of them have been able to give a simple explanation for our existence.

The world calls them Leaders and although they at times amass a great number of followers… followers who live their lives according to the rules and rituals of the lessons they are given, few of these Leaders ever produce new Leaders, and as a result, the ministry falls apart because of it, once the Leader dies.

Jesus was not a good leader in my mind, simply because he spent too much time in the field doing good works, while his disciples sat back and studied him. Some of his disciples did become Teachers and Leaders after his death and a religion was formed from their writings about what they observed, but few of them followed his example, and as a result, we see a church today with many rules but blind to the example Jesus set for them and for us.

Jesus gave us the reason for our existence in the Life that he lived. Love ALL others as you Love yourself, for God is Life and All that has Life is God.

Jesus may not have been a good leader, but he certainly was not a failure. He did not ask us to follow him but rather he invited us to walk alongside of him in a world so desperately in need of Love. You don’t need a Bible or a degree in Theology to understand what Jesus tried to show us. All you really need is a heart that is filled with Compassion.

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