I am not a perfectionist… I can accept the fact that mankind is flawed and that most of what I know and see in others is only a facade… behind which hides an undeveloped personage, that if given the chance, could become a luminary. This seldom happens, however, and the bud withers and dies without ever blossoming… and I wonder why?

I am not a conspiracy theorist, however, I am convinced that many of the stories I have been told from pulpits and podiums are not true and that the leaders that feed these fabrications know the truth but are unwilling to share them… I wonder why?

Why would I, and much of mankind, be forced to live in darkness? Who are the keepers of the light, and why would a gardener plant a flower, only to allow it to wither and die before it ever fully blossomed?

Were we created to be nothing… are we only just dust in the wind… or is there a purpose in our existence?

Could It be that we are all just seeds that have been planted in this compost pile we call Earth, slowly decaying until there is seemingly nothing that remains of us… and then, on one bright sunny morning, we awaken and begin to sprout on the other side of what we now know as Life?

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