To believe in a Creator God is to believe that mankind is of little significance within the Universe… an imperfect creation of a perfect Creator with no purpose other than to worship that Creator, while enduring the pain and suffering caused by the imperfections he has woven into our being… hoping that one day we will escape our misery though death and be found good enough to join the Chosen Few who will continue to worship this Creator for eternity, while those not chosen spend their eternity in hell.

I much prefer seeing myself, and others, as Jesus did… the Child of the Living God called Life, with no imperfections, capable of forever continuing the evolving process of Creating this present moment.

My purpose for writing is to challenge people; however the line between challenge and offensive is often not evident until you have crossed it. I am not concerned with how a person worships or by what name they call the Mysterious. I do not believe in a hell and so I am not worried about the afterlife. What does concern me is the state of the world that we have created… and the unwillingness for people to take the blame for it.

I do not believe that the world we are destroying was created by some Entity, for the purpose of testing out a new model of Being to occupy His Heavenly Kingdom at a later date. Our World is not a disposable laboratory or a boot camp but rather the result of the evolving work of the energy of Life that is present in all things both on Earth and throughout the Universe.

I believe that Life is energy without form and has always existed, and that at the moment our Universe burst into being Life took up residence within small particles of Form that have, over the years, developed into what we are today. There is no evidence to suggest that there are any other dimensions than time and space and although we may not yet fully understand all there is to know, we are learning. Nothing exist outside of Now and if one would like to argue that there is good evidence for a Spiritual Dimension… and I would be one of those… that Spirit would be the energy of Life.

The reason I continue to challenge people with my ideas is simple. I do not believe there is any divine entity that created this Universe. Perhaps it came about simply because Life wanted to experience form, which it does every day through us. I do not believe there is a Savior coming to rescue us from self-destruction, no scapegoat to atone for our transgressions, and no miracles to restore the damage we have done. The mess we are in is of our own doing and we are the only ones who can change it. Life will continue with or without humankind.

I do not believe in a heaven or hell and although our Life energy may continue throughout eternity, after leaving our Form, it may never get a second chance of occupying another Form. What than is the purpose for living if there is no reward in the end? Form is our reward and Life’s  purpose is simply to accept what we have been given and to enjoy the experience.

Regardless of Life’s situations, and even in It’s darkest of moments… one act of Love can bring a spark of Joy to the heart of the giver and rekindle the Flame of Hope. Therefore let us rejoice… and in Love, work together to create a better world.

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