I no longer believe in a Creator God Entity that lives unseen somewhere outside our dimensions of time and space. To imagine such an entity, surrounded by winged subordinate beings, which control our world and manipulate our lives, seems a bit foolish to me now. There is no reality other than here and now… no dimensions other than what we know. There is no Heaven that awaits us and no hell where our enemies will be tormented for eternity. It is my belief that all of these things are simply fabrications of ignorant men and it is time for us to face the Truth. We alone are the ones responsible for the World we live in. There is no devil or league of fallen angels, to blame for the evil that we see… and what creator would make a world and then sit back and watch as it destroyed itself through war and greed? No… there is none to blame but ourselves.

I do believe in the Evolving Energy called Life. Life was never born, nor will it ever die… it is an Eternal Energy that has no form and it is present, not only within each and every one of us, but throughout the Universe as well. The evolution of Life in our part of the Universe started as a single cell and has developed into complex units, of which humankind is one. I have no doubt that Life has also evolved in other parts of the Universe, and that one day we will connect with it… if we haven’t already. Life is on a Journey and each of us is a part of that Journey. Our experience, both good and bad, contributes to the accumulative knowledge of Life, and influences its course for the future. Our decisions and course of action today will have a direct effect on the future of Life tomorrow.

Many wonder why I have become an Anti-theist and the reason is simple. Beliefs in personal gods, is in my mind, the main cause for the divisions in humanity, and until all gods are removed from their thrones, we cannot know Peace. There is no question that differences in race, color, and sexual preference exist in mankind… that is the beauty in our evolution. Personal gods however have built barriers between these differences and until these barriers are removed we will continue to wage wars and riots against those whom we perceive to be enemies of the god we serve.

When one looks out at the vastness of the Universe, it is preposterous to believe that its Creator would give a damn about a single individual entity living on the surface of our planet Earth… unless of course, the Creator was Life itself.

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