It is not so much that I mind what people want to believe in, but when they do not want to discuss why they believe what they do, it sometimes is a bit frustrating. I remember a time, several years back, just after being asked to resign my position by the Director of Mission to Unreached Peoples. We were on a bus sitting next to each other in the back seat but didn’t do too much talking… not that I didn’t want to, but because whenever I would ask him a specific question about what he believed in, his answer was always, “I don’t know, I guess I never really thought about it.”  That seemed strange to me at the time, and I finally stopped asking questions and ended our relationship in silence.

Perhaps, however, he was not lying after all… for I have known others, since that time, who have said they are believers… but when asked to explain what they believe in, they don’t have a clue as to how to answer. When pressed, they finally admit that they believe what they believe because they heard it from someone they trusted, but had never really thought about it on their own. Imagine that… living your whole life on the words of someone else without asking yourself if there is any validity to what you are being told.

There are many points in all religions that don’t make a whole lot of sense to me but one, in particular, has bothered me for a long long time and, in fact, I was kicked out of Mr. Timer’s Sunday school class nearly 65 years ago for asking, “How could God know all things before they happen?”

For that to be true, God would have had to write the screenplay of Life in advance and then create a cast of bit actors (that would be you and me) to play the different roles. We are not told anything about the plot or the ending of the play, only given our daily script to act out… and for the play to be successful, none of us can ad-lib our parts, because that just might ruin the ending. Does that sound realistic to anyone? Are we all just bit actors in God’s play and when our part is not needed anymore, we just fade away (go to Heaven) like the actors on General Hospital?

Of course, given the state of our World today, it would be nice to believe that God did write the script and has prepared a happy ending for it… like maybe a Rapture of all the good guys followed by a Grand Finale, with heavily armed Angels rounding up all the bad guys and throwing them into a Lake of Fire. Great idea for a Mel Gibson movie… and in the end, while the Titles are scrolling across the screen, the audience of Heavenly Host and raptured bit actors would be shown giving a standing ovation to God, the Playwright and Creator of the entire cast and settings, for the rest of eternity.   Of course, if God didn’t write the script and we are not just bit actors in his play, but real live people ad-libing day to day on this planet Earth… who but ourselves could we hold responsible for the condition of our Life and of our World?

My reason for writing is not to provide answers but to raise questions. Questions that hopefully will encourage others to become stronger in their Beliefs … because to not do so is to have to continue living in the apathetic World we live in today. We can do better!

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