Every time I come upon a revolutionary new thought pertaining to life and existence, I realize, after doing some research, that someone else has already come up with the same thought years before I did and I have to wonder why it is that we could not just start from where they left off and carry the ball a little further each time. Every trail I have ever taken, regardless of how far off the beaten path it was, has been forged by someone else long before me… and I have come to the conclusion that there really is nothing new to learn about Life.

There is, however, still much that I personally do not understand and so I will continue my Journey… for who knows, perhaps one day I will catch up to the One who blazes the trails and we will be able to walk together.

By most indicators, our World is falling apart, at least for the Western Societies and perhaps that is not a bad thing. It is time to return to a more natural civilization that is less about the individual and more about the community. I like the idea of a One World Order but I don’t have much hope of it happening in my lifetime, at least not this one. Still… I like to believe that what I am doing now will one day make it happen. For me, that is what Wat Opot is all about.

We have some rough weather ahead of us I believe, but we need not be afraid. We are, after all, Created Beings and collectively we form Creation which is the Heart and Soul of Our Creator. Some people will have a problem with this statement for, like me in my Christian days, they prefer to see themselves as worthless beings, incapable of doing anything right. Sinners from the day they were born. Condemned to Hell for eternity because of something someone supposedly did in the bushes thousands of years before them; except of course, for the privileged few who were Chosen by a Loving God, before time began, to be spared of this torturous destiny. What a horrible way to go through this life; believing that everyone who was not Chosen, is a despicable filthy piece of trash that will burn forever in the incinerators of Hell.

Every morning, after taking my shower, I look into the beautiful Face of the Lord God Almighty while brushing my teeth. He is always right there in front of me, smiling His approval from the other side of the mirror. Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who is really hurting while you try your best to help them? If you look closely you will see the face of God looking back at you, for God is nothing more than a reflection of our self.

Creation is the Soul of Its Creator.
All that there is and all that will be.
Depends solely on what happens,
Between you and me.

No Heaven or Hell awaits us,
There is no destination,
Life will continue forever,
We are Its Transformation.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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