The Bible says God told Moses that His name was Yhwh which when translated by the early Rabbis meant “He Who Was, and Is, and Will Be”, or in Revelations, it is translated as “He Who Was, and Is, and Is to Come”. Both translations imply that God’s state of action (being) continues into the future.

I had never thought about it before but if God gives Himself an action name, wouldn’t that imply that He has not yet become all that He will be? That would mean that He is living in the moment just as we all are and that He doesn’t know any more about what the future holds than any of us do because it hasn’t happened yet. I always had a problem with the idea that God knows everything before it happens because it raises so many questions, like… “If He knew something bad was going to happen, why wouldn’t he do something about it?” or “If he knew I was going to become a heretic and be condemned to Hell, as some would like to believe, then why did He create me in the first place?” Can God prevent a natural disaster… or cause one to happen at will? Can He stop the rain from falling on my picnic if I pray hard enough? Or do these things happen because of the Laws of Nature that were put into place from the beginning? I use to believe that He could move mountains if I asked Him to… but now I am not so sure that He can.

In 1995 Joan Osborne released the song “What if God was one of us”. It was not well received by the Christian or Catholic communities but did make the Number One spot on the music charts. I remember the video and admit that even I was a bit shocked at its apparent irreverence for God. Of course, that was back in my “Christian” days and time and experience has changed much of my thinking since then.

Today I would ask the question, “What if God was Us?” and I am aware that by asking it I may get an even worse reaction from some people than Joan Osborne did… but since I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking anymore, only throwing out possibilities, it doesn’t really matter.

I may be the only one who actually follows my writings, which, believe it or not, often come to me in a package from somewhere outside of my thinking. I find it interesting that the theme lately has been about God being within us. God gave His name to Moses as “I Am”, which, as long as you don’t add anything to it, leaves no room for questions. As soon as you add something, however, like “Father” or “Creator”, you immediately have a thousand questions that beg to be answered. If we stick only to “I Am” however, it becomes the Answer to all of those questions.

Who is responsible for creating this Universe? God answers “I Am ”
Who is the Father of Compassion, Peace, Truth, and Justice? God answers “I Am”
Who is the Father of Hate, Envy, War, and Destruction? God answers “I Am”
Who is responsible for the problems the world faces today? God answers “I Am”
Who is responsible for man’s future and the Universe? God answers “I Am”
Who am I? God answers “I Am”

God says…
I am Love and I am Hate,
I am both Joy and Sorrow,
I am all of the Yesterdays,
And also Tomorrow.

I am Gay and I am Straight,
Both a Saint and a Sinner,
A Prostitute and a Virgin,
A Loser and a Winner.

I am Rich and I am Poor,
Black as well as White,
I make Peace and go to War,
I am the Day and I am Night.

I’m a King and I’m a Beggar,
A Husband and a Wife,
I’m a Coward and a Hero,
I am Death and I am Life.

I am All and I am Nothing,
The Beginning and the End,
I am all Things that now are Living,
I am the Great I Am.

If God is really us then all of our journeys are His and His Journey is happening through us all. What we do and experience in this life is our contribution to God’s Evolving Character and when the life that we now know is over… those experiences will become a part of that which IS and always WILL BE.

Therefore, the next time you come upon a situation in life that calls for a decision of Godly proportions, ask yourself, “What would God do?” … then go ahead and do that, which your heart tells you is right.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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