Two things left in this Life that I would like to see happen before I go. The first is perhaps a bit selfish but none the less would make my day if Donald Trump were Impeached and sent to prison along with his family members and corrupt staff. The second is for the good of all mankind, although I would assume that those that didn’t like my first desire will like this one even less. Most people that know me, understand that I have turned my back on all religions because I feel that belief in a personal God entity creates a false sense of superiority over others, which in turn, keeps us continually at war with each other. I have come to believe that there is nothing special about mankind and in fact, we may be one of the newest specimens of Life in the Universe. There are many factors that have led me to this conclusion… archaeological findings, historical writings including the Bible, appearances of UFOs, and believable stories from people who have encountered extraterrestrial beings. Perhaps the most compelling evidence, however, is the fact that there is a cover-up of documents and eyewitness accounts and until they are made public the Truth cannot be known. I would love to be around when mankind finally realizes that we have been manipulated and lied to all these years by religious and political leaders.
Oh, what a glorious day that will be,
When mankind turns from those who deceive,
And awakens to the Truth he holds in his heart,
That He is the key and has been from the start.
Look all around you then look deep inside,
Our road to destruction is caused by our pride,
When all men are equal then all men will be free,
And prejudice and hatred no longer we’ll see.
The Universe is waiting to lend us a hand,
In reversing the damage we have done to our land,
Our oceans and rivers and the air that we breathe,
Can all from extinction be given reprieve.
But the road is not easy and the way is not clear,
Struggles there’ll be but no reason to fear,
For others in the Cosmos are willing to assist,
If we lay down our weapons and stop trying to resist.
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