I hesitate to begin writing this next post… not that I don’t feel that I have something to say, but because I know there are few that want to hear from me. I have brought it on myself, I suppose… I have always been the voice of opposition, always spoken out against hypocrisy, always sided with the vulnerable… and have paid a price for doing so. The fact that I have lived my life as I have preached, however, is, I am sure, a source of irritation to those who would prefer to believe that it can’t be done… and so they tune me out.

I am not a prophet… but there need not to be one, to realize that mankind is heading for a major change in the way we co-exist on this planet… if we continue to exist at all. Things can not continue as they are… for we have now become a bipolar species and although we may have always been this way, it is now obvious that things are out of control and our advanced abilities to annihilate each other is now in the hands of madmen.

Whether or not you voted for Donald Trump and the Republican Party is not the problem, the problem is, he is still in the Oval Office and everyone knows he is not qualified to be there and that the Republican leadership, because of big money, is not able to go against him.

Whether or not you are Christian, Jew, or Muslim is not the problem, the problem is that ALL religions are baseless, there is no God or Son the Savior that is going to save us. We are the only ones who can change our destinies and until we do, we will continue to travel this path of self destruction.

The choice is ours to make. If we allow things to continue as they are and humankind becomes extinct, well, so be it… perhaps the Earth would do better without us.

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