sky story

The boys called me outside this evening to witness something that they thought was spectacular… and it was. I took this photo with my I-Phone (5), and although I have touched it up a bit, it had the same effect on me, as it did on them. It was a rare  moment in time that we shared, gazing simultaneously into the evening sky, and I was encouraged that these boys, who just moments before were shooting at birds with their slingshots, (an activity I would prefer they didn’t do, although they do usually eat what ever they kill and for that reason I let them continue), also had the ability to stop for a Moment to appreciate the natural beauty of Nature.

Like many things in Life we often miss out on Moments like these, simply because we are to ‘busy’ with what we believe to be are more important things… yet in the end, it is these silent moments of awesomeness that give us just a taste of the Nirvana we all hope to find.

Would that it could be possible to hold on to these moments with more than just a photograph… to be able to indulge in just a jigger of it’s tranquilizing properties in a hot cup of tea, after a long and hectic day would be so grand… and yet, we must let go, for Life, like the Sun, knows no rising or setting.

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