I had my first blowing ceremony a couple of days ago. it was performed by our construction chief, who is one of the best in our area. He knelt down at my bedside and carefully pulled back the covers, revealing the ugly, large, inflamed area on my lower leg. Lighting three sticks of herbal incense he raised his hands to his head and began chanting a prayer and then began blowing the scented smoke over the wound.The ceremony lasted about five minutes and I truly hoped that when it was over I would be able to jump out of bed and walk without pain… but that didn’t happen.

I later learned that one of our boys, when he saw how much pain I was in, went out and searched our property for a certain kind of large-good snake,  When he finally found one he captured it and looking it straight in the face, asked it to take away the evil in my leg. Then he took the snake to the temple grounds and gently released it unharmed. I truly wanted to believe as much as he did that it would work… but nothing happened.

I mentioned my problem to a few Christian friends and got the usual “I’ll pray for you” responses. Not sure if any of them actually did pray and have no idea, if they did, how much effort they put into it… but nothing happened and I ended up in the hospital for several days to undergo treatment.

I am out of the hospital now, but it will be awhile before I will walk without pain again. Thats the way it is in the Life of an Atheist. There are no quick fixes, no easy outs, no miraculous healing or answered prayers. I don’t believe in a God and therefore to pray to one seems rather foolish, asking a snake to take away evil isn’t much different, and blowing scented smoke over a wound I am sure has little medicinal effect at all. If there is any value at all in any of these practices, it would only be in the amount of positive energy they generated into the Universe  by performing the act, in which case I would suppose that the snake catcher would come in first place. Blowing smoke doesn’t take much effort, but the presentation was nice and so that would come in second. Praying takes no effort at all and few people actually follow through with it anyway, which would actually make it a negative energy.

Don’t get me wrong… I do appreciate those who put some effort into making me feel better when I am down and even though I may not believe in their practices, I do benefit from the positive energy created by their efforts. Praying to a god, however, seems like a waste of time and to be quite honest I would rather have them spend that time with me, or in writing a personal letter or e-mail to me… now that would be positive energy.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Believing in an imaginary friend is the same as believing in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas. A thorough waste of time and energy. We were given brains – use them. And if ours aren’t sufficient, there are others with the brainpower to supplement ours. This god’s will thing is both over- and underrated. It is overrated in it’s ability to make good things happen, and underrated in its ability to cause all manner of evil.
    Get well, my friend. I think of you often.

  2. Sorry to hear of your slow recovery Wayne. Hope it happens soon. Agree re positive energy and the similarity between various belief systems.

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