I once believed that Now was a passive state, void of noise, free of the clutter of yesterday, with no thought of tomorrows. A blissful state where only those who could disconnect themselves from all of life’s distraction were allowed to enter. I have yet to find that place… instead what I have found is that my Now is a very active place, where the past must be fully accepted and the future carefully planned for.

I once believed that God lived in a timeless state, for I was told that eternity had no beginning and no end and therefore existed outside of the dimension of time… but time is a reality created by our memories of a Then and without a Then there could be no Now, and without a Now and Then there could be no future and therefore, if a God did exist, he would have to exist within our dimensions of Time and Space or not exist at all.

There is no evidence of the existence of a God entity within the dimensions that we live in, but there is an abundance of evidence for the existence of Life within each and every one of us. This Life has been around since the beginning of time and my conclusion is that Life is the God we seek, and every Now and Then we can feel God’s presence within ourselves, as we continue the evolving process of creating new tomorrows.

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