I didn’t  vote again this year… there seemed little point in doing so, since neither candidate appeared to have the qualifications to bring about any real change in the course our country is taking. The problem is not so much with leadership or with which political party controls Washington… the problem, I feel, is more in the citizenry of the United States.

The only way we will ever defeat Radical Islamist,  is to become even more radical than they are… but until we are willing to get down on our hands and knees several times a day  in public to pray to our God, or strap on a vest filled with explosives and detonate it in some public square to prove our allegiance, we will never succeed. If this is our goal than perhaps Donald Trump is the better choice for taking over the Presidency, for there are, it seems to me, enough radical citizens hiding in the woodwork, just waiting for the opportunity to do just that. Donald I am sure would love to lead the charge… while Hillary would only have continued the path Obama has taken… by putting a heavier weight on the pressure cooker, long overdue for a rupture.

There is a way out, but few people will take it, simply because to acknowledge that there is no God Entity, is to understand that we are our own Creator and therefore responsible for the World as we know it. I will continue to teach this to all who will listen, until all religions have been exposed and the gods  they worship have been destroyed. Only then can there be a chance for real and lasting PEACE in our World.


I tried for years to journey back, to the blind faith of my youth,
Regretting I had ever questioned, the infallibility of the Truth.
Oh how I miss those old revivals, congregations singing songs,
And the comfort that comes from knowing, we were right and they were wrong.

But burning bridges are all thats left, of the trail that leads back home.
The Truth still lies somewhere ahead, but now I walk the trail alone.
For I have realised in my loneness, that the Truth cannot be known,
Until the heart is cleansed of hatred, and the seeds of love are sown.

Life is the thread that unites us all, of this there is no doubt
Be it tree or bird, fish or mammal, no form can be without.
So let us shout aloud our Praises, to that which no man can lay claim,
The God we seek is Life Eternal, to the World let us proclaim.

One day mankind shall all awaken, and a godless world there’ll be,
The chains of bondage finally broken, all mankind at last set free.
And congregation all will sing again, their voices joined in Praise
And I’ll be there among them, My arms to Life I’ll raise.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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