One of my favorite recording artists, is Leonard Cohen, although I must confess I didn’t always appreciate his music. Perhaps aging has made me more attentive to the lyrics and less interested in the beat… or perhaps I just wasn’t ready to see things as they are. Leonard has a way of speaking Truths through poetry and music like few others can and one of my favorite of his songs is “Everybody Knows”. If you are not familiar with it you can click on the link at the bottom of this post when you are finished reading it.

“Everybody Knows” is a song about complacency… maybe that is why it has a special meaning for me. I know I upset a lot of friends and family members with my atheistic views, but I have reached a point in my Life where I no longer care if people find me offensive… because the bottom line is, the ship is sinking and there are no life boats or preservers on board.

Everybody knows that God’s a phantom,

Everybody knows there’s no one there,

Still we bend our knees in reverence,

And to our mattress say our prayers,

Everybody knows that we’re in trouble,

But no one dares to burst the bubble,

That’s how it goes,

Everybody knows.

These are my words of course, although I would like to think that Leonard would approve of them if he were to read them. I wrote them because, for me, it is preposterous to believe that some Creator Entity owns this Universe and that we are just his pawns, placed here to undergo a testing of our faith… which if we pass will entitle us an eternal blessing, but if we fail will result in eternal damnation.

I believe that the Universe we now know was never created, but is simply the Evolving Form that Everlasting Life has put on. We are a part of that Form, and as inhabitants of the Earth are solely responsible for our part of the Universe. It seems clear to me that we have failed in our responsibilities and unless we all accept the challenge of restoring Earth to something more congenial… Life will decide to continue on without us.

Everybody knows, everybody knows,
That’s how it goes,
Everybody knows.

Hope you enjoy the music!



Wayne Dale Matthysse

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