I read today about yet another super church having to close many of its programs because of a lack of funding and support. Seems the god they were serving has lost his appeal… or perhaps the creator of their god just got burned out and could no longer keep up the façade, like so many others before him. How unfortunate for those who follow blindly these self proclaimed men of God and even more unfortunate the wasted money spent on buildings and ministry cost to promote the teachings of these god makers. I know… because I was once a part of that culture.

Don’t get me wrong… I have many fond memories of those Old Time Revivals and oft times wish I could experience a similar high as I did back then… standing on the pulpit and leading the congregation in the singing of the Hymn “How Great Thou Art”. Yes, those were the days, when I knew of only one God and there was no doubt in my mind that He was the only God for the whole World… and He had chosen me to be His Light in a World of darkness.

Have you ever noticed how; when you walk away from a well lit room and enter into the darkness outside… your eyes have a problem adjusting? A flashlight can help, but is often a disturbance to those who choose to live life in the darkness… and about all you can really attract with it are those unwanted pests that believe the light is their salvation… when, in fact, it often results in their demise from flying around in circles until they drop to the ground from exhaustion. When at last I tired of having people yelling at me to shut the light off, I put it out… and only then did I realize the beauty of Life without light.

There was a time when I thought that all religions could be united under one God… but that was when I still believed in a God. How foolish that seems to me now… for it was not a God who created man but men who have created their own personal gods… and no man can serve two Gods … for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot hold on to a personal God while trying to serve a God of all humanity.

We have heard it said that something cannot come out of nothing and I would agree with that idea. Therefore if a God created form then he too must have form, and yet who of us have ever seen him… and if a God created time, then he too must live within that time, and yet we are told he is timeless… and if a God created Life then he too would have had to have Life within him, for that which is dead could not create its own Life or the Life of another and therefore I would conclude that it is Life, not a God, that is the Creator of all things… for it is Life that is in all things and that is all things.

Would that it would be that all of us could cast away our Gods and realize that it is that One Life that flows through each and every one of us that gives us hope and reason to celebrate our Oneness with all of Creation.

Wayne Dale Matthysse



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