I have been accused of trashing Christians again and I can understand why some may feel that way… my intentions however, have usually been noble, although perhaps not always done in Love. You see, I realized a long time ago that I was trapped inside of a religious cult, as most of mankind is, and it wasn’t easy for me to escape it. The process however, has given me insights into Life that few of my family or friends have experienced and it hurts me to see them going through life believing in a lie. The Truth is we are all divine beings, capable of creating a beautiful world for our selves and for our children… but it can’t and won’t be done until we remove all of our Gods from their thrones and realize that we are the Creator. My problem is that when I try to talk with anyone about this, they immediately become defensive and I am usually told, in Love, that Hell is to good of a place for me.

Hell is a mythological place as old as the oldest of mankind’s religions. The architects of Christianity only borrowed the idea to fabricate their own place of torture for the purpose of threatening and controlling the masses. It is no more real than are the demigods mankind created, such as Hercules and a host of others, who once were worshiped but over the years have been forgotten. Jesus is the last of the Roman demigods and the only one who still gets some attention. I find it amazing, that even though all of the other Roman demigods were discovered to be fakes, some people still continue to believe that Jesus was born of a virgin after being impregnated by a God.

The Truth is that there is no Hell, there has never been a Son or Daughter of a God, and in fact there is and never has been a God Entity. Even more disturbing for some will be the realization that there is no heaven to look forward to … there is only this Life and nothing more. I am quite happy with what I believe and comfortable with the Life I am living… and because of that, feel it is out of place for people to threaten me with Hell, just because I no longer believe as they do. If there were a God who created this world then he is also the creator of the evil and injustice within it. How could a “Loving God” create an evil world and then just sit back and watch the suffering? I have at least tried to do something about it.

People are welcome to believe as they like, but believing in something that requires Faith. but no evidence to back it up,  seems rather foolish to me. I will gladly discuss this topic more with anyone who feels up to it, but until someone can provide me with a reasonable argument for believing in a God, not the ignorant responses learned from hypocrites on a pulpit, I will be content to live out my life as a Anti-theist and will continue to throw out a Life line to those held in bondage by religion.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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  1. Why can’t you just state your beliefs without insulting the intelligence of those of us who choose to believe in God? I don’t understand how you can look at the Universe and say there is no Creator. There are problems with all religions, I agree, but at the heart of them all is a God. You are putting yourself outside of the rest of humanity when you claim otherwise. God has not revealed himself to mankind because we are not yet able to comprehend him.

  2. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Thanks John,

    The problem with having a Creator God Entity is how did he come into existence? If your answer is that God is Eternal, than my response would be that, perhaps our Universe is Eternal and therefore is not a Creation in need of a Creator… but rather is an Evolving Energy called Eternal Life, of which We all are a part of. Life was never born, nor will it ever die… it is an Eternal Energy that has no form. That which has form will certainly pass away, but the Life sheltered within that form will continue on throughout Eternity. Mankind has come a long ways since the first beliefs systems evolved… perhaps the real reason we cannot comprehend God, after all of these years, is because he does not exist.

  3. well..said…brother!…i.always.thought.it.strange.that.both.santaclaus.and.god.are.old.whitemen.with.beards;)

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