For the better part of my Life I have tried to live as a Christ follower… believing that Love and Compassion were the most important attributes one could attain in this lifetime. I have done a rather good job of this I believe and I would be surprised if most people, who know me, didn’t agree with me. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that I am any better than you, or anyone else… I know of many who have done a much better job of it than I have and I think most people would classify themselves as Lovers, who are working toward attaining a higher level of Compassion. After all… most of us have worshiped a God of Love, at one time or another, and if God is Love then so to should we be… shouldn’t we?

Have you ever noticed that all of the great leaders who have talked about Love, Peace, Compassion, and Forgiveness have died violent deaths?

“No greater Love has any man, than to lay down his life for another.”

Yah, I heard that… and don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for those who have laid down their Life’s for me. I only hope that I would do the same if ever I am put to the test… but that is not really so much a matter of Love, as it is of Justice. It would be unfair of me to stand by and do nothing, while a victim of injustice was being tortured or murdered.

I have long battled the idea that I should forgive all of those who have done an injustice to me.

“Vengeance is mine, I shall repay.” says the Lord.

Yes, I have heard that all my life… but the injustice was done to me, not to him. Shouldn’t I have some say in the matter? What right does God have of forgiving someone, that hasn’t first come to me and asked for it? I am told that in the Jewish Faith only the victim can grant forgiveness, which seems to me to be a much better policy.

My point is this… the World is not responding to Love and Compassion. Nature allows only the strongest to survive and Justice is by far much stronger than Love. Jesus did not realize this until the end of his ministry. Three years of teaching Love and Compassion with little result to show for it… until he took out his whip and began chasing after the money changers.

What the World needs now is not Love or Compassion; it needs Justice… an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life type Justice. Anything less than that, I believe… will result in our extinction.

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  1. Dear Wayne,

    Congratulations on working in one good place for 17 years! What you have done there is an enormous accomplishment. Well done!

    But I disagree with you on your view of justice. If someone kills another because someone they knew was killed, then the cycle would be neverending. The killer would have to be killed, and then the next killer and the next and so on. There would be no end, and certainly justice would not have been done. That is not the answer. Forgiveness is powerful; I don’t think it can be offered by anyone other than the person who suffered the injustice, nor do I believe that it can always be offered. But killing is never the answer.

    Be well,

  2. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Hi Laura,

    Ordinarily I would agree with you but we are talking about saving humanity from extinction. Our species can not continue without taking drastic steps to root out all evil. Corruption, dishonest politician, warmongers, and those who delight in creating terror, must be eliminated from our societies if we want our children to live in a world without fear… or we can turn the other cheek and forgive the evildoers… while they rape and murder our children in front of our complacent eyes.

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