I have several friends and family members who still call themselves Christian. They are good people; kind, generous, compassionate, and understanding of others… as long as they share similar beliefs. They tend to be a bit closed minded however, on issues that they are not familiar with, or that lie outside of their comfort zone. Many no longer attend church services regularly, most do not believe all that is preached from the pulpit, some question the divinity of Jesus, and many even question the existence of a personal God, yet none would dare say that they are no longer a Christian, for fear of what others may think of them… and so they live behind a wall of hypocrisy, feeling guilty and ashamed for no reason at all.

I understand completely where they are coming from and realize the difficulties they face in letting go of their God, my own story is here. It took me several years before I finally realized that no one was up there to answer my prayers and there was no one leading me down a path of righteousness. I was doing it all by myself.

There is no harm I suppose, if they are content to be where they are. I have no Hell to send them to if they don’t believe as I do, nor would I want to if I did. They have every right to believe as they want, as long as they allow me the same privileges. The only reason I am reaching out to them is because I feel they are missing out on the Joy in knowing their real identity, the Satisfaction of knowing that their Good Deeds come from their own Goodness, and the Compassion they feel is a product of their own Inner Being.

As an Anti-theist I no longer feel guilty or ashamed of who I am. I follow the teachings of no one and therefore need make no apologies for errancies of ignorance, for those teachers who lived before me. I do not expect nor do I desire followers, for each man, woman, and child is capable of knowing themselves. There is no need for a teacher. I believe only in Life and in what I can see, feel, or touch. There is no other reality than what we know. There are no other Entities than Life, in whatever form it chooses to manifest Itself. Life is Eternal, as is the Essence of who we are. Spread the word! GOD is amongst us… God is Us.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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