The word GOD implies to me an Entity that has an identity all of its own. That is why I prefer not to use this word when speaking of that which is greater than myself… for I believe that Life, in all of its forms, shapes, and dimensions, is the Universal Source of Creation… and because we are all a part of Life, there is therefore no requirement or need for either worship or praise. That said however, is not to say that I do not stand in Awe of the idea that I am a part of this Unfathomable Force called Life.

I find much Joy in knowing that what I do with my part of Life, each and every day, is helping to complete a Divinely inspired Tapestry that will last throughout Eternity. What greater Joy could one have than to be a part of this? My Worship is how I live my Life… my Praise is sharing my Life with others.

Imagine what it would be like if this next Sunday morning no one got up to worship their God, in those multi-million dollor entertainment centers… but instead spent an hour or more of their Sunday morning with their family, doing good deeds in their community. Then imagine what kind of World we could create for future generations, if we all did this same thing each and every day?


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  1. Nice work……. I get this….and I agree….. with you last bit whole heartedly……The world would be a bee place if we all just got back in to the NOW of life……and be present for our fellow man / woman/ animals/ environment . ….and on and on and on…hee hee heeee

  2. Yes, sharing time with others, helping others, just being there for another person, all these, mostly forgotten in busy modern society, add to our understanding of why we are here, our joy in being alive. We are all a part of God, not just humans, but the animals, plants, the very earth. If we wake up feeling thankful for all this (and thankful that we woke up!), that is our prayer. Our deep gratitude (to what? to whom?) confirms our love and appreciation for this existence, and makes us feel lucky to be a part of the whole.
    Wayne, I miss our talks!

  3. Wayne, I’m in complete agreement with you (as I think you know) about what we have called “God” not being an Entity but that there is a Whole that is greater the sum of its parts. And to me that Whole, which you call Life is a Mystery far, far beyond my comprehension. I do not mind the Whole being called God and often call it God (or other names) myself because that helps me consciously connect to the Whole. I also know that many churches mainly entertain or help fulfill some vague obligation that it’s members feel. However, there are churches, like the one I attend, that inspire and bring people together with others to do those things in the world that make a difference. To me it is not about All Or Nothing but about being discerning–discerning that there are churches that exist to send people out into the world to be of service. Mine is one of them, or I wouldn’t be there. All Or Nothing is the extreme that you and I grew up with, and it’s not useful to me.

  4. You know I cannot agree with your conception of God, but I know that no one I know cares more for his fellow man than you. You are a much deeper thinker than I am Wayne. I cherish the time I spend at Esperanza with you and your parents and Janine….. you were being the the ONLY Jesus some would ever see. We are commanded to worship our Father God with praise and love ( flawed though that love is ). I care for you and pray you will realize that there is only one God, and He is God alone. You are loved I John 4:18-19 NASB ” There is no fear in love;, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfect in love. We love,because HE First Loved us. “

  5. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Thanks for the reply Anna,

    I am very happy for you that you have found a church that allows you to be yourself and that satisfies your needs of belonging to a group that is making a difference. I long for that fellowship but, to be quite honest, would have difficulty relating to any members who insisted on there being a God… simply because there is not one. Once this truth is fully realized all religions become nothing more than silly side shows led by charlatans. That is not to say however, that religious group do nothing good… just the opposite. Religious groups are responsible for most of the humanitarian aid in our troubled world but that has nothing to do with a God… it is what happens when good people come together in unity for a cause. Compassion is not a gift from a loving God… it is a quality that blossoms within those who realize that they are God.

  6. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Thanks Alice for commenting… it has been a long time. I know my writings are confusing to those who knew me before as a Christian and I sometimes hesitate using the social media because many of my “converts” are now actively involved in ministries and have access to the internet. I am still in contact with many of them but have lost the ability to communicate on anything but a superficial level.

    I understand and appreciate your concerns for my soul but can assure you that I am more at peace now than I ever have been. No more unanswered questions, no more judging and being judge, no more hopping from church to church in search of someone to follow… for I have found in Life all of the answers I need and now realize that the only person I need to follow is me. Would Love to talk with you more on this… so when are you coming over. Ron would be welcomed but I doubt he would want to hear anything I had to say. The kids would Love him however.

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