A few days ago we had a group of people here that wanted to spend the day with our children. They showered them with gifts and prepared a dinner with more food on the table then the kids had ever seen before. We had a great time but as is usual, on days like these, the kids get tired and sooner or later a fight breaks out. The two boys were about the same size and therefore it was a fair fight. Our usual policy at Wat Opot is to allow the children to express themselves, as long as the fight is clean, and then applaud the participants when it is over for coming to an agreement. Not everyone understands this of course and I had hoped to avoid having to step in but I could see that the guests were very concerned and so we broke them apart. The one boy however, who had been pushed down in the dirt, would not be consoled and so I gave the other one, who had done the pushing, a one minute head start to find a hiding place, before releasing his victim. He disappeared behind some buildings and when I released his victim he went running after him.  The visitors wanted me to follow them but I told them it would be no problem and we continued with the games. The boys returned together later and had obviously worked things out. When children are given responsibility for their actions, they usually come up with adult solutions.

Some people wonder why I have given up on religion and I can certainly understand their confusion; but the reason is simple. I got tired of being a child of God… because as long as I believed I was a child of God, I was not responsible for my life or for this world that He put me in. Everything that happened to me was because He wanted it to. Even if I had done something wrong, Jesus covered it with his blood and I could live with the assurance that all of those who did something wrong to me, would be cast into hell. When adults are not given responsibility for their actions, they usually come up with childish solutions… and that is exactly what we see in the world today. 

Jesus showed us how we should live our life here on Earth. He stood up to injustice, he healed the sick and the blind, and he did not become a member of any society. He was a terrorist in the eyes of the religious authorities and took responsibility for his actions by being crucified. Shouldn’t we be doing the same?

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  1. I appreciate the way you ended. As many have said, and continue to say, Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion. It’s a mistake to paint religion and Jesus with the same brush.

    When Jesus said that he did everything that he saw the Father doing, however, did that mean Jesus was a passive follower who passed his choices off as “the Father’s will?”

    I don’t think so. I can see how following God CAN be an excuse for passivity and losing touch with yourself, but I don’t think it has to be that way. In my experience, having grown up in Christian religion, I know how confusing and passive it CAN be. But I think that’s because religion doesn’t teach us to have the kind of relationship with God that Jesus had and wanted for us. We are called, I think, to a 2-way relationship that is mystical and concrete, in which knowing and following God and making responsible choices and even looking inwardly all go hand in hand.

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