God didn’t die, but neither does he live. He is only a creation of those who refuse to accept the responsibility for their own lives. Life however, has been around for a long-long time and in fact was present when the formation of what we call the Universe burst into being. The existence of a God Being has been in question from the beginning of mankind’s time on Earth, but who can question the existence of Life? Life flows through each and every one of us each time we take a breath. It also exists all around us in the forest and the mountain streams, without which we could not survive. We are all connected, not only to each other, but to nature as well, and it is this interconnection, or Oneness, that drives us forward into eternity.

Life is not a Being and therefore needed no Creator. It Is, always has been, and always will be Life, regardless of what form it may choose to take. Humankind is only one manifestation of Life, and in time may no longer be of necessity… but Life will go on in other forms, as I am sure it has done in other parts of the Universe.

What then is the purpose of humankind if nothing we do will last? The answer is quite simple actually; we are the filtration system for the Plant Kingdom so that it can breathe and produce flowers and trees that provides a beautiful shelter from heat and storm to their most important asset… which just happens to be you and me.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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  1. I just love that so simple and so true

  2. Very peaceful. I love it.

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