I am not interested in destroying anyone’s religious views or habits. We all crave security, and belonging to a religious group can provide us with the fellowship needed for us to have a meaningful life. The problem lies not in how a group of people decides to worship, but in how the group they belong to functions in the world. Many religious groups support proselytizing of “pagan” peoples or support military actions against opposing religious groups. While these destructive actions may not require the direct involvement of a majority of its members, it does require financial support and backing. While I know of many good people who would never think about turning a child against his parents or culture, without thought would give money to a Vacation Bible School program in some poor community or third world country, which is one of the most destructive weapons in the missionary’s arsenal. Most of us would never think about killing another person, yet support the military actions of our leaders with, not only our financial support, but with our sons and daughters as well. 

All I am asking of you is to  look within yourself for the answers to life’s questions and not to someone else; for until we have learned to accept ourselves completely, we will never even begin to realize the beautiful creatures we are becoming as a result of overcoming what many Christians call our “sinful nature”, and what I have come to think of as Ignorance of our true potential.

Creation is, in Essence, God. Let all of Creation rejoice!

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