Over the years I have written a few longer stories but always seem to run out of words to write a novel or book. Hope some of you will get enjoyment out of reading these that I have added to this site.

THE ARMS OF STRANGERS  is the story of a mother and her son.

TWO LEGGED DOGS is a story with a lesson for all of us

FLIGHT OF THE EAGLE  is a revised version of my first attempt at writing many years ago.

MY LOVER’S LOVE is actually a poem that I wrote a few years back about how I have changed over the years to the point where I actually Love who I am.

THE FALLEN LEAF  is a story that came to me in a dream… and if you believe it is possible to get messages from the other side, this would be one of those times, because I have never known any people like the ones who introduced themselves to me as I was writing their story.

LETTING GO is part one of my autobiography a condensed version of my Statement of Passions and Beliefs. It tells the story of the incidents leading up to my decision to walk a different Path than most others have chosen to follow. 

LOOKING BACK ON THE JOURNEY is part two of my autobiography

THE LORDS WINE is one of my favorite because it came to me complete with almost no revisions. Almost like someone else had written it beforehand and dictated it to me.


THE WELL KNOWN STRANGER a story of visitations from the angel of death.


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