I have done some really bad things in my Lifetime… things that I regret and wish I could erase from my memory forever. It is, however, because I do remember these things, that I have changed my behavior and become the person I am today.

I have planted some beautiful flower gardens in my lifetime, fragrant and vivid blossoms that were the envy of the neighborhood. None, however, were grown without first spreading some awful smelling compost on the ground.

I have known some real Heroes in my Life… men who risk and even gave their Life away to help a stranger… one of those strangers being me. They were not always Heroes… most were guys just like me who liked to drink, smoke, and tell dirty stories. Their heroism came out only in the midst of a fierce gun battle.

It seems Life, and therefore God consists of both good and evil, neither of which can mature fully without the other.

Surely Goodness and Mercy shall rise up out of the death and destruction we are now witnessing on our streets today.

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