Before there was time I existed, in a dimension far different than Now.
My whole world was self-sustaining; to no one I needed to bow.
But a question arose from somewhere deep, ‘How different would my world be,
If I didn’t know all the answers and the future were up to me?’
In a burst of light the Universe appeared and a dimension of Space was formed,
And never again would things be the same for Time was also born. 
And the blissfulness I had known before could no longer sustain my soul,
For the door to Creation had been opened and I knew I had to go.
A speck I became on the ocean floor of a planet now known as Earth,
And as time went by I multiplied through the process of rebirth.
I took on new form and being and changed my size and shape,
Until it was I became a man, just one step up from Ape.
I have made a lot of changes but still have far to go.
There’s so much more to understand and much, much more to know.
It hasn’t been an easy road for both sides I’ve had to play,
 But I am learning to seek the middle ground and live from day to day.
And when my final dream is realized and my imagination has run dry,
I will close my eyes in peaceful sleep, but never will I die.
For although space and time may disappear my journey will not end,
In new dimensions I’ll awake and start all over again. 


For I am Life and I am Eternal 



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  1. We love you, Wayne…. So true but one line missing — where we get out of the whole affair… But maybe, dedicated as you are, you wish to remain. mujin

  2. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Thanks for commenting Mujin,

    I do enjoy the Life I am living, even though I know my time is running out. I am curious as to where Life will be 50 or 1000 years from now and would hope that what I have contributed to Life as ‘Wayne’ will have had a positive effect on future generations of Life as It continues into eternity.

  3. Interesting poem but I have to wonder why you spend so much energy offending Christians.

  4. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Hi John

    Thanks for responding and for your constructive criticism.

    My purpose in writing is not to make you or anyone else uncomfortable. I write what I truly believe, in the hopes that it will encourage others to look for answers within themselves and not through religion. It is my belief that the gods that mankind have created are the cause of all our problems. Each person creates his own God… including you John. You say you believe in the One True God and yet you disagree with others who say the same thing, even those within your own denomination. That is the problem with a Personal God… you begin to believe he loves you more than others.

    I am not denying the existence of something greater than myself… but I feel very confident in saying that there is no One True God of the Jews, Christians, or Muslim, and although history is full of them, I do not believe there have ever been any demi-gods which would include Jesus. That is not to say however that he was not a man of great influence in his time.

    Belief in God is declining all over the world. That is not because of evil forces… it is because people are waking up to the fact that there is not and never has been a Creator God who gave a damn about mankind. We are responsible for everything in our world and unless we acknowledge that and throw away the gods that have divided us and set us against each other we are doomed to self annihilation. That is what I truly believe John… and that is why I write.

  5. Dear Wayne,

    Our nighttime conversations were some of my most treasured times at Wat Opot and I miss them. Being agnostic, I believe there is something that started this whole universe, this whole everything, but being limited by only being human, we cannot understand nor expect to be able to know what that something could be or could have been. I agree with you that we are responsible for what we do, what we feel, even what happens to us (although I am still grappling with that), but I do not agree that all that is, all that we know, is godless. Something, some energy maybe, started everything, and that is my definition of god. Each of us is a part of god, so, since we ARE, how can the world be godless? Each of us is proof of there being a god, whatever that is. I also look at all the beauty of this world, the miraculous presence of nature, of birth alone, of our ability to even think that there is something humans for millennia have called god and know that something, something beyond our limited comprehension, caused this to be. That is my god, and I wish you could take comfort in that.


  6. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Thanks for your response Laura,

    I also miss the late night talks… most of our volunteers here are younger and too busy trying to decide what they will do with their life and therefore haven’t put a lot of thought into what it all means yet. I don’t think we are to far off in our thoughts however… I believe that the Energy we call Life, which is present in all of us, is the Creator God we all seek. The gods I want to get rid of are the personal gods we have created for ourselves… those illusions of a God that tell us we are better than others and therefore have the right to dictate how others should live. I agree with your statement, “Each of us is a part of God,” and would add that therefore all mankind, regardless of how evil or lowly we may perceive them, has to be God as well.

    Hope all is well with you.


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