I was born and raised in the Midwest, Michigan to be more precise, and one of my favorite fruits has always been Watermelon. The only way we ever ate it growing up was ice cold, and I never thought of eating it any other way because it was perfect eating it that way… what would be the purpose of eating it another way?

As my world expanded, I met other people who liked Watermelon just as much as I did and most of them ate it in the same way… although I do remember one time, when at a party, someone spiked the melon with Vodka. I took one bite of it and threw the rest in the garbage can. ‘Idiots’, I thought, ‘what a waste of good melon’.

A few years later my world had expanded to Honduras where, on a hot scorching day, I was invited to share a whole Watermelon with a friend from the South. He split the melon in half, right there in the market place, and it wasn’t even cold.  Still… it was ripe and juicy and just as I was about to cut myself a slice out of it, he pulled a salt shaker out of his shirt pocket and salted down both halves. ‘How rude’, I thought, as I put the knife down, ‘why would anybody do something as stupid as that?’ I refused to even try a piece of it and walked away in disgust.

As time went by however, I allowed myself to appreciate the taste of Watermelon in many different ways. I have had it in salads and soups, pickled, soaked in alcohol, mixed in drinks and shakes, and I have even learned to appreciate it with a dash of salt at times.

A lot of people I have met along the Way have never tasted Watermelon and some even doubt its existence, because they have never seen anything like what I describe to them. I have tried to convince them that they would love it as much as I do, if only they would try it, but they just shrug their shoulders and say, “We love Durian… why would we need to try anything else?”

I have tried Durian, and will eat it on occasion when it is served to me… but I still prefer ice cold Watermelon if I have a choice… most likely because that is what I was brought up on. I guess it doesn’t really make any difference what fruit you like to eat, but it is important to remember to include a variety of fruit in your diet, if you want to live a healthy life… without constipation. 

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  1. Wayne – this is very different from your usual posts! I would like to comment and say I have tried durian with an open mind but it’s not for me. However I love my watermelon with salt – doesn’t have to be cold – but I usually have it with salt! I also like green apples with salt and lemon, and star fruit with salt. And that is how I stay ‘regular’.. : )

  2. Wayne Dale Matthysse

    Thanks Zeana,

    I have received several other responses similar to yours, but they were to me privately. I appreciate your making your comment public.

    I decided to change my approach this time because when I write about religion, people tend to get more defensive and often don’t bother reading to the end of the Post. Judging someone on the fruit they eat may seem less malevolent then judging them on their religious beliefs or sexual preference… but is it really any different? Making judgment on others constricts our ability to see and understand alternative ideas and eventually causes Spiritual constipation.

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